List of Fruitful Practices Released


Fruitful Practices List shows what the Father is teaching others in Muslim world

12 June 2009 (London, England) – “Surely someone else has been down this road before me and could help me now! What will bring Muslims to understand and follow Jesus here where I live?” Have you ever asked that question? The Fruitful Practices list (<a href=””>downloadable here</a>) can help you learn what the Father is teaching your fellow workers throughout the Muslim world.

Organized along relational spheres and activities, the Fruitful Practices list describes practices relevant to: Relating to society, relating to believers, relating to seekers, relating to God, relating to leaders, fruitful teams, communication methods, and characteristics of fruitful faith communities.

A multi-agency group of researchers identified these 68 fruitful practices as a result of a two-year project which began with a consultation in 2007.

In March 2007, a group of 300 practitioners met to discuss what the Spirit is doing as they seek to facilitate communities of Jesus-followers among Muslims. This consultation represented a network of 34 agencies with members in the Muslim world. Their purpose: to explore the practices that they have learned from watching the Father &#150; practices which seem to contribute significantly to the formation of communities of faith. Those meetings, which included surveys, small group discussions and interviews, resulted in a distillation of experience. The subsequent analysis of this rich deposit yields deep insights for those who work to see viable communities of Jesus’ followers among Muslim peoples.

Last August, the book From Seed to Fruit revealed the first results from this precedent-setting consultation. Since then, the multi-agency research group has widened and deepened the research to produce the Fruitful Practices List.

In coming months, Fruitful Practice Research will release training resources based on this list of fruitful practices. This team is designing further research initiatives to draw even deeper lessons from our experience of what the Father is teaching us.

Fruitful Practice Research serves a partnership of agencies working among unreached Muslim peoples.
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