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South Asia

September 20, 2017 DanielH 0

South Asia: A Mixed Methods Study By James Nelson Executive Summary Muslims are among the economically and spiritually impoverished people in South Asia. All but one of the 742 Muslim people groups in the region are unreached. While workers in […]

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Expatriate Workers in the Arabic-speaking World

September 20, 2017 DanielH 0

Expatriate Workers in the Arabic-speaking World: A Mixed-Methods Study of Fruitful Practices By Gene Daniels, Boutros Al Bustani, and Mary James Executive Summary Since 2007, Fruitful Practice Research has been using mixed methods research to study church planting in the […]

Fruitful Practices Among Women Workers

May 14, 2015 p d 0

Executive Summary of the Fruitful Practices Among Women Workers: A Mixed-Methods Study By K.B. Hauman and Mary James In Islam today there is an enormous diversity in the way women are treated, but what remains consistent is that their role […]

A bundle of narratives

March 26, 2015 Jim 0

Copies of Where There Was no Church and Where There Is Now a Church — ebook or hard copy can be ordered from  Both books contain seven narratives gathered by Fruitful Practice Research from teams in our network in traditional […]

Instructional Videos for the Fruitful Practices

September 1, 2014 p d 0

The training videos for the eight fruitful practices are below. To download the video click on the size you want to download. Small is best for phones and slow Internet connections while Large is best for computers and requires a […]

Seven Themes of Fruitfulness

February 13, 2014 Laurie 0

Adams, Eric, Don Allen, and Bob Fish. “Seven Themes of Fruitfulness.” International Journal of Frontier Missiology 26, no. 2 (2009):75-81. How do we cooperate with the Father in the process of establishing communities of Jesus’ followers in the Muslim world? […]

Describing Fruitful Practices: Communication Methods

February 12, 2014 Kathy 0

Burke, L.R. “Describing Fruitful Practices: Communication Methods.” International Journal of Frontier Missiology 27, no. 3 (2010):147-156. In the continuation of a series started in IJFM issue 26:3, Larry Burke provides descriptions and examples of fruitful practices for communicating the gospel […]

Judicious Intercessor

February 12, 2014 Kathy 0

Judicious Intercessors emphasize prayer and fasting along with cultural sensitivity. They are more likely than other segments to indicate priority practices of praying for the needs of friends in their presence and of regularly engaging in corporate prayer and fasting. […]