Fruitful Practices Among Women Workers

May 14, 2015 p d 0

Executive Summary of the Fruitful Practices Among Women Workers: A Mixed-Methods Study By K.B. Hauman and Mary James In Islam today there is an enormous diversity in the way women are treated, but what remains consistent is that their role […]

Sounds of Life

December 6, 2014 p d 0

Chapter 6: Sounds of Life in the Heart of the City by James Nelson Get the full book here Download this chapter Along the road into the bustling city, countless sounds blended into an urban orchestra. Above the regular rhythm […]

Instructional Videos for the Fruitful Practices

September 1, 2014 p d 0

The training videos for the eight fruitful practices are below. To download the video click on the size you want to download. Small is best for phones and slow Internet connections while Large is best for computers and requires a […]

Fruitful Practices List

February 12, 2014 p d 0

The Fruitful Practices List is the result of an inductive multi-year, multi-agency study. In this context, “fruitful practice” means an activity that promotes the emergence, vitality, and multiplication of fellowships of Jesus followers in a Muslim context. Fruitful Practices Descriptive […]