The Messiah Is Not a Liar

Villagers gather at the home of an elderly shaykh who tells stories from the Taurat and Injil. They discover together about the life of following Isa al Masih.

The young man paused, bowed slightly, and came to shake the hand of the old man sitting in the quiet shade of the thatched roof overhang. “Hello, shaykh [leader],” the youth said. The old man looked up and smiled.

“Please sit,” the elder said, waving to the worn brick stoop on his right. On the side of the house, chickens pecked in the dust. A woman arrived with a pail of water on her head and walked into the back of the two room house.

Download the full narrative and discussion guide below.

Messiah is not a liar – A4.pdf

Messiah is not a liar Discussion Guide – A4.pdf