Meeting the Saviour through the Quran

Soon after arriving in the Middle East, an English teacher invites his students to holy book studies – with dramatic results.

Just six weeks after he left his Western homeland to move to the Middle East, Abu Roo found himself in his living room opening the Quran and his Bible with four Muslim guests. These men, all students from an English class Abu Roo was teaching, had accepted his invitation to come to his home for a holy book study.

They came because Abu Roo had demonstrated a deep spirituality in his personal life, while at the same time rendering respect to their religion. From the very first day of class when Abu Roo stood up to address his students, he had made his spirituality clear to them.He faced questions such as “Who are you?” “Why are you here?” “What makes you diferent from the other Christians we know?” To these questions, Abu Roo answered honestly, using words that would communicate a correct understanding. Abu Roo says, “The last thing I wanted to do was to deceive anyone. I chose my words carefully saying, ‘You need to understand that I am a man of God. That means I study the Word of God. I read all of the holy books – the Tawrat [Torah], Zabur [the Psalms], Injil [the Gospel], and the Quran. I am also a man of prayer, a man of peace, and I am a follower of Isa al Masih [Jesus the Messiah].’”

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Meeting the Saviour through the Quran – A4.pdf

Meeting the Saviour through the Quran Discussion Guide – A4.pdf