Practices Relating to Seekers

Key Bible Text: Romans 10:11-13—As the Scripture says, “Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame.” For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile—the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him, for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (NIV)

Seekers 1 Fruitful workers are bold in witness.

Boldness means different things in different situations. Some take great risk simply to live in dangerous environments. Others require courage to speak openly about Jesus in hostile settings. Fruitful workers do not recklessly endanger themselves or others in order to be bold, but they reflect the God-enabled power to point to Jesus Christ, in word and deed, even in the face of opposition.

Seekers 2 Fruitful workers pray for God’s supernatural intervention as a sign that confirms the gospel.

A demonstration of God’s power has been a key factor for many Muslims who have come to faith in Jesus Christ. Aware of this, many fruitful workers pray specifically for God to intervene through dreams, healing, deliverance from evil spirits, and other clear signs to confirm the truth of the gospel.

Seekers 3 Fruitful workers pray for the needs of their friends in their presence.

Fruitful workers display empathy for their friends by praying for them in their presence and not just in private. No matter how God answers, the worker who openly prays illustrates that God is concerned for daily needs and that he is the source of blessing and wholeness.

Seekers 4 Fruitful workers share the gospel through existing social networks.

Group disapproval can be a significant barrier to any kind of social change. Group affirmation can be a significant catalyst that helps many people come to faith. In situations where many are coming to faith, often the x and spread of the workers’ initial witness has been multiplied as new believers share their faith with their family and community.

Seekers 5 Fruitful workers begin discipling seekers as part of the process of coming to faith.

Fruitful workers recognize that not all seekers will become mature disciples of Jesus. Although there is wisdom in appropriate caution, they follow Jesus’ example by helping those who express interest in him to hear and observe what it means to follow him.

Seekers 6 Fruitful workers encourage seekers to share what God is doing in their lives.

The woman at the well of Sychar spontaneously told her fellow villagers about Jesus ( John 4). Fruitful workers encourage seekers to find natural ways to talk with others about what God is doing for them and to invite them to “come and see the man … .”


To assess your team on these Fruitful Practices, we encourage you to use our team assessment tool.