Fruitful Practice Research

Fruitful Practice Research is a multi-agency team studying the activities that promote the emergence, vitality, and multiplication of fellowships of Jesus followers in a Muslim context.

You are welcome to download and use any of the materials on this site, free of charge. Just follow the copyright guidelines on each document. Here’s what you’ll find within the site:

  • Fruitful Practices List. Offers short explanations of the current practices that our research has shown to be helpful in producing fruit. Available in English and KOREAN FONT.
  • Research. Share with others what the Father is doing in the community where you are sharing good news. Participate in the ongoing research into fruitful practices by completing an online questionnaire.

  • Narratives. True stories that illustrate clusters of fruitful practices among real MBB communities. Discussion guides provided.
  • Tools. Seven questionnaires that focus on various aspects of a team’s ministry. Based on the Fruitful Practices List, this tool can help teams interact with fruitful practices in an insightful way. Includes simple instructions for facilitators.
  • Training. Curricula we can provide to the training department of your agency to help your teams reflect on their practices and share their knowledge, leading to fruitfulness.
  • Publications. Materials about fruitful practices.
  • News. Press releases from Fruitful Practice Research.
  • About. A few details about our team and our approach.

If you would like to translate any of the resources on this site into another language, please contact us:

Note that most of the resources on this site are in standard PDF format. While there are several PDF readers available, some of the multimedia PDFs on the site can only be read by Adobe’s Acrobat Reader version 9.x. You can download the latest version here