Word-centered Advocate

February 12, 2014 Kathy 0

Members of this large segment are committed to their calling and have developed a versatile set of ministry skills. They know, though, that fruitful ministry is foremost about God’s Spirit working through His Word–so their priority is giving people opportunities […]

List of Fruitful Practices Released

February 12, 2014 Kathy 0

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fruitful Practices List shows what the Father is teaching others in Muslim world 12 June 2009 (London, England) – “Surely someone else has been down this road before me and could help me now! What will bring […]

Communities of Muslims are Following Jesus

February 12, 2014 Kathy 0

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 26 October 2010 — Only a few years ago, stories about Muslims putting their faith in Jesus were scarce. Most of these stories described extreme circumstances of persecution. In their ones and twos, these brave souls were […]

Fruitful Practices List

February 12, 2014 p d 0

The Fruitful Practices List is the result of an inductive multi-year, multi-agency study. In this context, “fruitful practice” means an activity that promotes the emergence, vitality, and multiplication of fellowships of Jesus followers in a Muslim context. Fruitful Practices Descriptive […]